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Foil Board Green Insulation Panel

The Foil Board Green Insulation Panel is an excellent alternative to traditional insulation products as it can insulates the entire wall in one application. This creates a true thermal break around your home. New test results show that you can achieve up to a R6.0 Heat flow in for a suspended ceiling. Different applications and constructions achieve different R- Values.

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Foil Board Green Insulation Panel can also be used in many other residential and commercial applications, the sheets are made from a fire retardant expanded polystyrene with a pure aluminium foil laminated both sides.Foil Board Green can be used in many different constructions ie: Brick Veneer, Cavity brick walls, Concrete Tilt Panel,Underfloor and is widely used for insulating commercial sheds.Foil Board Green or Reflective Foil Insulation, as it is commonly known is truly a smarter way to insulate, Foil Board Green has been widley used in many constructions all across Australia and in WA, the Raffles Hotel construction, Queens Apartments, New Police Station,Freshwater apartments Claremont,schools and many other  constructions in and around Perth.

 Insulation Panel or as some people call it, polystyrene sheeting is more than just a ridged insulation board - when used externally on framed walls it provides a weatherproof shield which enables internal trades to proceed without waiting for brickwork or cladding completion. The foil board green is a ridged insulation panel,and is one of the best suited for Double Brick Cavity Wall applications and meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Since no paper based products are used in its manufacture of the Foil Board Green Insulation Panel will never delaminate in prolonged wet and windy conditions. The exclusive fasteners ensure that the foil board green sheets will remain in position thoughout the construction.

Easy DIY for the home handyman, easy to cut and install.

Without insulation a cavity brick wall has an "R" value of 0.5. The FOILBOARD Insulation Panel centred within the cavity using spacer blocks will achieve an already impressive R 2.3 with the Ultra 20 / Super 15 R2.1 and R 1.8 with the STANDARD 10. Higher R Values are available upon request. The FOILBOARD Insulation Panel is easy to install during construction of cavity brick walls. Simply place the spacer blocks over the brick ties, then push the FOILBOARD Insulation Panel over the ties, tape up the joins to create a thermal break.


ACOUSTICS - Recent laboratory tests gave Foilboard the thumbs up for Acoustic performance, achieving an acoustic rating of STC 57 on a brick veneer wall. This is the equivalent of Rockwool batts in the wall, or a Double Brick wall.

FOILBOARD Insulation Panel is manufactured to Australian Standards AS/NZS 4859.1:2006  Lic No 21646  and meets the current requirements of the BCA.

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