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Cellulose Fibre

cellulose.jpgCellulose Fibre is environmentally friendly, recycled insulation which has been around for many years. Correct installation using sisalation around all openings will prevents seepage of fibres.

cellulose1.jpgInstallation of any product is indeed by far the most important factor in ensuring you get the greatest benefit.

Insul Fibre lead the way with installing, offering our lifetime guarantee to ensure your peace of mind in your new investment. We also offer a very special after sales service exclusive to Insul Fibre installs.

Insul Fibre manufacture Cellulose using dust extractors to reduce the amount of waste left in the product. This process creates a very clean and light product which of cause is produced to the highest Australian Standards.

So remember which ever product you choose, also consider the standard of installation and guarantees that come with it.

Product Information

Materials Used:
Cellulosic Fibre is made from recycled newspaper (no phone books or glossy paper is used.).

All Insul Fibre Installers are qualified. Their commitment to a professional installation ensures both builder and manufacturer communications are adhered too.

A Rotary Airlock Pump is used to pump the product into the roof. This method ensures an excellent density and consistency guaranteeing the installed R value to the consumer as stated by the Energy Commission or Builder recommendations.

Regulatory Controls:
Australian, New Zealand Standards AS/NZS4859.1

Sound Control:
Provides a natural barrier to noise in all constructions, achieving sound rating of up to 9 decibels.

Performance Summary:
Cellulose insulation forms a seamless blanket of natural fibres that provide outstanding protection from the elements. In terms of fire safety and thermal performance you will be surprised with up to 12º cooler in summer and huge energy savings during winter.

Backed with a Written Lifetime Guarantee.
No Subcontractors.
Liaison with Builders.
Will Not Settle.
All Installations completed on time to the highest Standards.

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