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Anticon:(Glasswool Products Still under Construction)


  • Reduces heat entering the home through the roof in summer and escaping in winter
  • Reduces rain, street and aircraft noise
  • Controls under-roof condensation which can damage timber rafters
  • Lowers energy bills by enabling a more efficient use of cooling or heating equipment (i.e. once the home is heated or cooled, the equipment can maintain this comfortable level at a lower degree of power)
  • Helps the environment by enabling homeowners to use less energy.
  • Can help retard the spread of a roof-space fire.

Anticon consists of Glasswool insulation faced with aluminium foil. The Glasswool acts as an insulator and noise barrier.

The foil aluminium prevents condensation. It comes in roll sizes of 10m x 1200mm R2.5, 10m x 120mm R2.0, & 15m x 120mm R 1.5.

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