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Is Underfloor Insulation Effective?

Mon, 30 Oct 2017


Since its creation, floor insulation in Melbourne has proven to be an extremely handy and effective way to treat a home and provide it with a means of sustainable thermal efficiency. Over some decades, the technology in underfloor insulation has improved and resulted in greater efficiency, longevity, and economy. If you are looking to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, reduce your energy bills, or even introduce some soundproofing—underfloor insulation is an effective way to do this. Here are some great reasons to invest in underfloor insulation.

Underfloor insulation asks for a relatively small investment in comparison to the savings it creates for property owners in the long run. Basically, the idea is that; as your homes temperature becomes more balanced, you will not be running your energy appliances as much as you would have without the insulation—therefore resulting in lowered gas and electricity bills. As a matter of fact, a large amount of the heat in a property escapes through the floor.

Carbon Footprint
Insulation helps you to reduce your impact on our environment. It again does this by reducing the need for you to run your energy units, resulting in less resources being taken from the earth. Underfloor insulation is one small but effective way to play your part in keeping our earth safe.

Easy to install
Underfloor insulation is easy to install, especially when building a new home. The insulation can simply be laid down before the carpet or floorboards are installed. It is not a difficult insulation to retrofit either, depending on the type of flooring you have, and how much space you have to move things around for the fitting.

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